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Building a Solid Foundation

The other day I walked past a construction site. It had a picture of the magnificent structure that was going to be built behind the white plywood barriers.

The building had been under construction for several months but as I peered through the peep hole, all I saw a massive big hole.

The reason for this is because the hole is very important. In fact the larger the building the larger the hole or the foundation have to be. The builders  are not worried that they spending so much time heading in the wrong direction because they know they have to dig down for months first if their building is going to stand the test of time and prevailing winds.

When you or I are embarking huge venture we will also seem to be heading in the wrong direction at times but this is not a time to worry. This is a time to take our time and dig the foundations well.

Too often I have heard of the story of successful people who had been doing extremely well over recent years only to now find themselves struggling in life. These were almost always those who had come into wealth too quickly and had not taken the time to go through the process of digging a foundation and purposefully and methodically building their success.

In actual fact the foundations may never be seen after the building is finished but the builder knows that they are still the most important part of his beautiful building, for they are the very thing that is holding it all together.

What you are doing now and the work you are putting in to your dream may never be seen but don’t ever feel this time is wasted for it will be the very thing that will hold it all together when your ultimate goal is reached.

Loving Life!

Trish Ledingham